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Op weg naar huis
Terug naar het artikel 'Groningen Bij Nacht.nl ziet daglicht'

Onderweg naar huis kon ik deze niet laten lopen. De huisjes in de Sint Walburgstraat waren zo mooi verlicht, daar moest ik wat mee doen.

Sint Walburgstraat   centrum  

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Foto Specs

Datum: 06 oktober 2010

Camera: Nikon D90

Lens: Nikon DX AF-S Nikor 18x55mm

Settings: Diafragma f/14, sluitertijd 1/100s tot 2 minuten, ISO 200

Bewerking: DRI van 7 fotos,

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Alle foto's die hier op Groningen Bij Nacht staan zijn verkleind tot 728 pixels breed. Als je de foto`s voor wat voor doeleinden online wenst te gebruiken, prima geen probleem, al stel ik het wel heel erg op prijs als je een linkje naar deze site plaatst indien je deze foto ergens online gebruikt.

De originele foto's (4288x2848x24b) zijn te bestellen voor € 9,95. Na betaling via PayPal ontvangt je deze de hoog resolutie foto zonder per e-mail.


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Andy will be the head coach for as long as he wants to be. And why not? He fronts a class onrzgiaation, the team wins consistently, and he seems to enjoy the job. He isn't perfect, but who is? On balance he does way more right than wrong. Remember Rich Kotite? Ray Rhodes? Marion Cambell?And Bumble, forget the fact that pro football players have like a 17 times greater chance of living with dementia at an early age and focus on the eyewear choices concussion boy Jaws is making these days. Even the unaffected are affected, if you look close enough...


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TJ- I agree on paper the Eagles are better. Also that their CB's will be iopvmred. I love the fact that they are blowing up their cap as well. I do not see Babin or Jenkins as being gamechangers. Babin will have to show me something. Also regarding Jackson, he WILL have to show up under the new agreement. Which is exactly what I think will be a problem. He has to be there and won't get the money. Also Reid has been good with some really good athletes at QB. I will have to point out that in 12 years McNabb still can't accurately throw the intermediate routes. Maybe Reid should have worked harder. To me contain Vick and cover the deep ball and they still have problems. I love to watch Vick and have been since his college days. Granted he has made strides, but still has a ways to go in the passing game. I see VY as a larger, slightly slower version of Vick. Their other QB, I can't even name. So yes, they are better, but with potential for implosion.J Danger-It is clear that we don't want to fork out big dollars for FA's. The question is, does Rob Ryan really like what he has? or are we being cheaped? I personnally felt Spears was our best all around DE and resigning him was spot on. Evidently our front office and RR felt the same. I like the fact that we haven't done anything foolish. I'm fairly sure now that we didn't want Huff and Elam would be a cheaper upgrade. Plus he knows the system. Don't lose sight of cuts by other teams either. It will be a couple of weeks before we see them but I could see a cut being equal to if not better than Ball. I mean a guy who can simply be in the right place is an upgrade. Also let's not sell RR short in what he might be able to do. If we can create some serious heat upfront, our DB's just got a lot better. We have some guys like Geathers and Lissemore who are unknowns and could come up big Adding Coleman will help the whole bunch , as he can be a coach on the field.It looks like the NFC East could have three strong teams and return to it's righful position as the toughest division in football.


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I don't think your reaction to this by dlieacming it as bs is fair. pointed a finger straight at the Eagles front office for cutting corners on secondary coaching. The Eagles didn't always have a secondary coach in place while DRC was here. His worst stretches of play coincided with the periods of time that there was not a single secondary coach on the Eagles staff. Even when the Eagles did have a secondary coach, they paid only one, unlike other NFL teams, where the usual is two: one coach for corners, one for safeties. And when the Eagles had a single secondary coach, that coach never stayed for more than a year. So what DRC was saying was literally true, supported by the facts of the Eagles payroll. How many pro teams can go without a single coach watching tape for an entire defensive unit?Oh, and to make things even worse, the Eagles went with three safeties last year. I mean they didn't even have enough players to offload secondary tape breakdown on.I hope that the very fact of the matter might sway you. The guy is not making it up and neither am I.More importantly, I believe to this day that the need for player control and sufficient coaching staffing resources is what made Chip walk away from the Eagles, and that control and staff is exactly what Chip got from the Eagles after everyone else like Chip turned down the Eagles. Anyone who has run a business funded by investors knows you can't take control of a helm without the resources sufficient for success. Chip knew that about Reid's Eagles, and anyone else out there who took a careful look at the understaffed coaching staff would have known that about Reid's Eagles.

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